PSC’s Presentation from the DII Workshop this past week @ Microsoft

October 26 2008

Here are the slides from the PSC presentation at the Microsoft DII Workshop on OOXML from this past week

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2 Responses to “PSC’s Presentation from the DII Workshop this past week @ Microsoft”

  1. 1) Stephan H. Wissel says:

    That project confirms your earlier statement, that Office Integration is in transit from Office automation (a.k.a making script calls from/to Office code) to document generation. What I would be curious about....

    If you have the same business requirements, but want to use ODF as target format, what parts of the approach would be similar and what parts would be different? For sure you wouldn't use the MS Toolkit.

    :-) stw

  2. 2) John Head says:

    Stephan - this project had very specific requirements for PowerPoint 2007 features so that is why we used OOXML. If we take those PPT 2007 specific requirements off the table, this could have been done with ODF. We are starting a project that will be doing this with ODF Presentations shortly. Our goal is to have a document generation framework that generates whatever format the customer wants at the end of the day .. OOXML, ODF, PDF, etc.

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