Quoted in ComputerWorld

March 15 2007

I was interviewed by ComputerWorld to discuss the Notes & Domino 8 public beta.

March 15, 2007 (Computerworld) -- John Head isn't spilling any secrets when he says, "Most people think Lotus Notes is ugly."

Head is a Notes architect at consulting firm PSC Group LLC in Schaumburg, Ill. More than a few times, he has watched a client – a newly merged company, for instance – wrestle over whether to standardize on IBM's Notes and Domino or Microsoft Corp.'s Outlook and Exchange for employee e-mail. And, he said, he's seen the decision come down to the company's CEO "saying that he doesn't like the way Notes looks."

It goes on to talk about why I think Notes 8 is a big deal. Nathan Freeman and Chris Whisonant were also interviewed for the article.

Not sure everything I said came across correctly, but I do think the article comes across as positive.