RIP Gary Gygax

March 4 2008

Today is a sad day for anyone who enjoyed fantasy gaming. Gary Gygax, the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, passed away. CNN and ShackNews are reporting the story.

Anyone who enjoys paper-based gaming, computer games with any touch of fantasy, role-playing games of any kind, and MMO's ... it all started with Gary and the team he worked with.

A sad day.

4 Responses to “RIP Gary Gygax”

  1. 1) Norman Lynch says:

    Alas, he's failed his final saving throw.

  2. 2) Jason Hook says:

    It hasn't been a good week has it? Trgically Jeff Healey dies and now Gary Gygax. I spent many many hours as a youth playing D&D, Runequest and others. Post teens I gave all of the books and stuff away only to buy new ones when later I got all nostalgic. I occasionally go back and look them (they are resting alongside my old copies of 2000AD until my children are old enough to appreciate them). D&D et al encouraged you to use your imagination, dream a little, step outside yourself and collaborate.....

  3. 3) Ed Brill says:

    Wow, that was a name I hadn't heard in a long long time. Thanks for posting, I'll go roll 1d20 in his honor.

  4. 4) Mike Mortin says:

    I used to play all those RPGs when I was younger. Gary Gygax was the name on *every* book there was that mattered! It was a memorable day when that news came across /.

    Now, just last week, my son stumbled upon my books, modules, dice, and all the other good stuff. We began our first adventure on the weekend.

    Nostalgic indeed.

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