Setting Goals, Achieving Goals, and Knocking Goals out of the Park

September 26 2012

I have talked about my transition from consultant to business development (sales) on the blog before, even sharing the results of my first full year in 2011. As all salespeople do, goal planning is an important part of the 4th quarter of every year. Salespeople have a goal set that is very specific and very measurable - it's your quota. I have been very lucky to be part of an amazing organization and having a great boss who have set that quota in steps. Those steps were always a reach, but never so big that I could not make them.

This year, that quota was set at two million dollars. Divide that by the number of weeks in a year (52), and that means that I needed to have PSC consultants billing $38,500 a week. I also have quarterly quotas that help measure my level of success in smaller increments.

After crossing my first million dollar year in sales last year, I was not really sure how this year was going to play out. I am excited that my hard work and planning worked out better than I could have ever hoped. During the week of August 27th, I crossed my two million dollar mark. That means I have 4 months, a full month more than an entire quota, to raise the bar higher.

Of course hitting one's quota in August means that my quota next year will go up. The bar will be raised again, and I look forward to that challenge. Time to start getting as much in line for 2013 as possible!

Thanks to everyone at PSC who made this possible, but special thanks to all of the consultants who have worked on these projects. Their amazing delivery is the only reason I can be this successful!

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