Should I revise the rules?

March 19 2007

So, it seems that my post about the "Rules" for testing the Public Beta of Notes / Domino 8 has stirred some trouble. :-)

First, my intention was never to suppress any testing or feedback. It still boggles my mind that anyone read it that way. Second, Nathan Freeman and I are dangerous when we IM. LOL.

So, how about this as the new list of "Rules" ...

1. Before you post, please SEARCH the database. One post on an issue with 20 responses is so much better than 21 posts on the same issue. Let us try to report our feedback in some organized manner so that things with lots of responses are easily identified by all involved.

Ok folks ... pick that one apart!

8 Responses to “Should I revise the rules?”

  1. 1) Paul Mooney says:

    Sorry John.. Have to say it... "New Rules"... Bill Maher just keeps popping into my head. :-)

  2. 2) Rob McDonagh says:

    Search?!? You want us to SEARCH!?! Why, of all the ....

    Oh, wait...

    That's all, like, logical and stuff. Darn it, John, you're taking all the fun out of this!

  3. 3) Volker Weber says:

    Paul, I am sure John is a huge fan of Bill Maher. :-)

  4. 4) John Head says:

    I was a big fan of his when he had his "Politcally Incorrect" show on ABC late nights a few years back. Today, I consider his show on cable to be pretty worthless. But, I applaud his right to say and do what he wants.

  5. 5) Mika Heinonen says:

    I was reminding one guy to follow these rules, as he did a double posting, and put IBM as his company name which I assumed was a misunderstanding what the company field was meant for.

    It turned out that he was indeed an IBM'er, and I got all the flamings! :P

  6. 6) Ben Langhinrichs says:

    I believe I can live with that rule. LOL

  7. 7) Nathan T. Freeman says:

    If I had the extra time that we all wish we do, I'd tweak the web version of that forum so that when you exited the subject field, it did a search on your subject line in the database and showed the results, relevance-ranks, in an IFRAME.

    That way, if you even so much as START to write feedback, you're already doing the search to see if it's already in there.

  8. 8) Chris Whisonant says:

    I've been kind of out of this whole discussion. I still have about 300 unread blog posts in Bloglines... But, and forgive me if I've missed something vital, I have noticed that most people ARE following your rules. I have seen very few blog posts about problems with the client/server and when I go back to work Monday I hope to post some more to the forum. Before my time off we couldn't get the Standard client to load on our Desktop Support Manager's computer. I need to report that so he can get in on the beta. The installer says it has completed but then when you click the Notes icon the 702 client opens! A lot of the eclipse stuff is installed (at least the directories are loaded into the Lotus/Notes folder). Look for a post in the forum (after I've searched, of course!).

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