Starcraft2: Hell, its about time

May 19 2007


Blizzard announced a new game today, and as many predicted, it is Starcraft2. One of the most popular computer games of all time (it has sold over 9 million copies, with 4 million of those in Korea alone), many fans have been awaiting this game for a long time. I know that I still play the game and the expansion, Brood War, with friends on-line. One of the first games to take Real-Time Strategy and mix a complex story and 3 different races to play, Starcraft2 looks to continue in the vein. From what I can read, this does not look like a revolution but a continuation. No mixture of Massive On-line play like World of Warcraft. This is a continuation of the story and themes. Don't get me wrong, that's amazing ... I just thought Blizzard would use some of that WoW money to innovate. It looks amazing.

Check it out at the Starcraft2 home page.

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  1. 1) Mika Heinonen says:

    This is a must buy, Starcraft was one of the best games ever, even though I have never played it :) But I will play all the Warcraft and Starcraft series RTS some day.

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