Support Eternal Fate on Kickstarter!

August 5 2012

Image:Support Eternal Fate on Kickstarter!

A friend of mine, Tom Mustaine, has started a great game Kickstarter thru his company Escalation Studios. Here is more about Eternal Flame:

Eternal Fate offers a completely new online challenge for players via head-to-head or team-based competition. The game’s blend of action and strategy is enhanced by key features including:

  • Create and customize your persistent character with a nearly infinite combination of gear, spells and skills.
  • Gather loot and gain experience by defeating your foes.
  • Level up your character and unlock new items as you advance.
  • Three unique character classes with distinct play styles.

I can't recommend supporting this Kickstarter more than telling you I supported the game with over $500 bucks. For just $45 bucks, you can help make the game come true.

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