Supporting the Community

August 1 2006

One of the things that I love about being part of the Notes/Domino community is the support we give each other. Yes, we can be very hard on each other, but when support is needed ... people are always there. The past couple weeks I have been chatting with lots of people about ideas on how we can support and grow our opportunity. To me, that begins with exposing as many people in the community and those who are not part of it to the resources we have. I was chatting with a couple people, and the idea of a 'window' that we can put on our blogs and web pages came up. Think of Plazes window that Ed has on his page. I brought the idea up to Vince, and he ran with it. He did some killer work here in record time!

As you see on the left of my page, you can display applications on and the latest Taking Notes podcasts. There is even the subscribe button! Vince added some options so you can pick what to show. Go here to read about what you need to do to put these on your page!

This is not the same thing as writing a check and handing it to the folks that run and support these sites (Bruce, Vince, Anil, and Julian), but hopefully it will get a bit more exposure. These guys are doing amazing work and I just wanted to help them out.