Symphony Thursday - What’s New in Lotus Symphony 1.3 (and what will wait until Notes 8.5.1)

May 28 2009

Ed Brill and Stuart McIntyre both covered this video earlier this week, which reveals the following new features in Lotus Symphony 1.3:

  • Support for reading Office 2007 file formats
  • Support for widgets and Live Text
  • Support for network connection hyperlinks for URI protocols
  • New clip art
  • Enhanced animation effects in Symphony Presentations
  • Improved DataPilot functionality in Symphony Spreadsheets
  • The ability to create and print envelopes, and enhancements to outline-level numbering styles in Symphony Documents

One of the things that will not be included with Lotus Symphony 1.3 is the new LSX Toolkit which will bring LotusScript and Java abstraction to the UNO API that Lotus Symphony (and of course use. This will allow Notes developers to automate Symphony without having to go thru COM or OLE abstraction. The toolkit will be delivered with Notes 8.5.1 later this year, which will also include Symphony 1.3. Just a bit longer to wait for that feature.

I have had a chance to work with the LSX Toolkit since November and I will have a whole slew (11 as of today) articles that cover how to use the LSX toolkit on my blog the day Notes 8.5.1 ships.