Test Documents for OOXML and ODF standards

October 23 2008

At the DII Workshop on OOXML today, one of the issues that is under discussion is creating an test suite of documents that implementers can test their implementation against. My recommendation is that the OOXML (and ODF) camp create something like the ACID test. The ACID test let's browser creators test specific features and functionality and let's the user see where they stand. This is not about implementing hundreds or thousands of pages of a spec, its about meeting specific requirements.

There should be a test suite of documents that you can open, edit, save, and create. And then some validator to measure how the specific implementation opens and saves these documents. The documents can be tied to versions of the specifications. What is important is that I, the user, can take a document, run it against the validator, and get a visible score myself. It needs to be transparent.

I know there is the ODF Validator, but it does not work very well. There should be one place where I upload a file, OOXML or ODF, and it scores the compatibility.

Now, the problem, is who leads this effort?