Thank You to my wonderful friends and family

June 16 2011

I have been quiet since my father passed away, but slowly trying to get back to a normal life. That won't happen until after the 4th of July, as I return to my father's home next week for the clean-up process.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has offered prayers, condolences, support, and love in the past couple weeks. I can not express in words how amazing everyone has been. By the time we get to IamLUG, I should be somewhat back to my normal self. Lots of stuff to do in July in reaction to losing Dad, but more about that next month.

I want to say a special thanks to Gab Davis for organizing an amazing memorial in honor of my dad. I know Gab is a major reader, just like my father. She came up with the idea for a donation in his name to Reading is Fundamental. My father would be so honored that people are doing this. If you would like to place a donation in his name, please contact me directly or leave a comment here and I can pass along the info you need for the donation. And to everyone who heard donated, a special thank you. And Gab, thank you very much. My dad would have loved this. He, the man who never cried in front of his kids, would have broken down in tears at hearing this.

I also have to say a major thank you to Andrew, John, Tony, Andrew B, Rick, Steve, Nancy, Darren and everyone else at PSC. They have been wonderful at giving me time to take care of this and helping to keep things moving. People always ask why I have stayed at PSC for the past 10+ years - and this is one of the reasons why. Your place of work is not you family, but your co-workers can become part of your family. PSC has become that. Thanks everyone.

With Father's Day this Sunday and my Dad's 64th birthday on Wednesday, June 22nd, next week will be one of the most emotional in a long time. If you are in Orlando and wish to come to the memorial, please send me a note. If you can not, please, toast to John Vernon Head. My Dad was an amazing speechmaker and one of the best toasters I have ever heard in my life. We used to talk about what an honor it would be for him to do that at my wedding some day. Sadly, that won't happen - but I will remember that trait about him forever. As I said on Twitter, "For those not in Orlando on 6/22/2011, please raise a toast in his honor on that day. Beer is OK, good wine is better, tequila is best :-)"

Thanks again everyone. I could not have gone thru this process with out all of you.