The first Notes 8 Sidebar plug-in every developer needs ... Document Viewer

October 18 2007

Now that Notes 8 is out in the wild, we are starting to see the beginning of the Notes community extend Notes thru Expeditor and development. The first one that seems obvious is a Sidebar Application that shows information about the currently selected or open document. Imagine the second tab of the Properties box ... but much bigger and always open! Here is a screenshot:

document viewer 001.png

Now, the industrious "Mr. Frunobulax" from the LDD forums wrote this. You can install it using the url for his update site:

You may ask, how do I install this ... you need to access the update site using the File | Application | Install. But I bet if you go to your File | Application menu, you do not see an install. Here is what you do:

This was talked about at Lotusphere, but Martin Lewis also wrote about it in the Notes 8 forum.

One way is via a policy setting "Allow user initiated updates".

The other way is to edit the file \framework\rcp\plugin_customization.ini to add this line:

Once you do that, restart the Notes 8 client. Then, go to File | Application | Install. You will see this dialog:

document viewer 002.png

Click Next and you will get this dialog:

document viewer 003.png

Click Add Remote Location. Give it a name and then put the URL above in the field. Click Finish. You will then be presented with an Application Install Wizard. You want to select the Document Viewer piece.