The most amazing example of why musical education is so important - Mansfield High School Percussion Ensemble

April 5 2011

Nathan and I were chatting last night mussing about the yellowsphere and I got my daily Google alert for "Dream Theater" - yeah, I know. The first link was to this article - Percussion Ensemble Wins Division Title. I read thru and came to this part of the story:

The show was entitled "Goodnight," and featured a dreaming theme. The music in the show featured a medley  of songs from progressive metal bands Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment. The band practiced for over six months to perfect the routine.

So high school percussion band playing a mix of Dream Theater and LTE. And doing it so well they were winning awards. I had to check this out. So I searched on YouTube and found this:

It is seven minutes long but trust me it's worth every second. Talk about being blown away. Interpretive dance from the cymbalists? A drum core that can do marching patterns like no college band I have seen. A guitarist and bass player who were right on target with some of the hardest guitar and bass lines out there - and yet totally overshadowed by the xylophone and marimba players that are out of this world. I am not a practicing musician, but even I understood why Nathan was IM'ing "OMFG - 4 marimba players in 32nd-note lock? In High School? That is unheard of!" Just imagine what the guys in Dream Theater must be thinking - all of who have kids of their own. Their music is being used to educate. If I were them, I would find a way to highlight this - have them record on the upcoming album, send them t-shirts, etc. This is a great way to encourage the next generation into thinking prog is cool.

In a day where we are talking about cuts in education due to budget issues, this is a perfect example of why we can't let musical education disappear.