The Next Step (Maybe it is all time we step up Continued)

August 7 2006

It has been one week since my posting on this blog, Maybe it is time we all step up,  which Ed Brill and others picked up on. This community totally amazes me. What an explosion of response. Here is just the blog posting I found:

(If I missed any, please email me with the link and I will add it)

The reaction was very interesting. Publically, people are mixed on the thought of doing something that many believe is IBM's job. Some think the community can not come together. Others think it is already being done via efforts on Privately, the emails are 95% positive about doing something. Not about why IBM should do something, but about what we can do. I do agree with everyone ... IBM has to support this for the effort to work. I do not believe we need to have the complete IBM support details to continue. We need to pursue that option. Keep pressure on IBM. At the same time, we can take steps to move this from idea and blog chatter into a movement of action.

One issue I want to clear up. I am in no way trying to circumvent, replace, or disparage in any way. The work that happens on that site, lead by the efforts of Bruce, Vince, and Anil, is the cornerstone of our community. I personally use and have recommended that customers and clients use applications from When we get to the actual building of the sample application pack, the only place I can see the process happening is on OpenNTF. If anyone took anything from my thoughts as negative towards, the team behind the site, or the efforts and accomplishments they have made, please understand that is 180 degrees away from how I feel.

So now that we have hashed out the idea, I would like to try to direct us down a path. As my good friend Bruce Elgort suggested, we need a mission statement. We need a message that we can all stand behind. We may not all agree on everything, but we need direction. So here is my first take on one:

Community Samples Effort: The development of business templates and samples that anyone can use for demonstrations and development of best of breed Notes & Domino applications.

Now, please, feel free to discuss, dissect and rip the mission statement (added for emphasis so we do not go down a name argument path at this time) apart. I just wanted to give us a starting point. I have no issues with the end mission statement ending up being completely different. That is also a placeholder name ... I needed something to start calling it. Feel free to ignore that as well. Do not worry about hurting my feelings on this :-)

We can come up with a name, common UI theme, clients vs. web interface direction, and the details on the sample application to include later. Right now, we need a rallying cry to all stand behind. We need a unified message.

I plan on creating a place for this discussion to turn into a movement. I plan on putting up a discussion board or wiki ... any thoughts to which would serve us best?

To wrap this up, I want to answer the one question I get asked quite often ... has IBM said anything? That answer is not that black and white. I know IBMers are following the discussion (and not just Ed). I know there is rumbling inside IBM. As a community, we have brought some attention to the issue. I personally believe we have also gotten IBM talking, but that is just a pure guess on my part.

I look forward to what our community, including IBM, does going forward.

(NOTE: I will be doing a bit of content pruning here ... if you still want to argue our role, what IBM should do, or anything else, please use the Maybe it is all time we step up thread or your own site. This posting is not for that. No fake names. I know I will get hit on this. But as others say, this is my site. Please respect my wishes here. Thanks)

Updated: 8.8.2006 - fixed a couple typos, added Tim's link, bolded the direction to focus on the mission statement