The season of emotions

November 23 2011

I love this time of year. The air is crisp. The food changes to be more hearty. The memories of my youth come back. Thanksgiving leads into the holiday season that becomes Christmas. My favorite time of the year ... well, after college football falls.

The difference is that this year there is an emotional weight attached to the holidays. The first without my father. A Thanksgiving without my father yelling at the Lions to play better. It then leads into the 6 month anniversary and another trip to Orlando. The memorial bench has finally arrived and much of the family is coming together to intern Dad's ashes. That leads us into Christmas - my father's favorite holiday. It's more than just not going to his house this year to dine and open gifts together. It's his presence of overdoing everything about Christmas that is missing. His four Christmas trees with boxes of ornaments. His Christmas houses display that took over rooms. The outdoor decorations. I plan on carrying on many of those traditions, at a smaller scale.

I am typically full of energy this time of year. I have noticed that I am a bit more quiet this year. For obvious reasons. So if I seem a bit more reserved, now you know why.

Tis the season to remember the memories of the past and make new ones. Thanks for the support this year to everyone. This Thanksgiving I am grateful for my family and all of you. Happy Holidays.