Time for another review ... Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

August 3 2010

Image:Time for another review ... Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

So this is going to be a short mini-review until I finish the all the single player content and really get deep into multi-player ... but some initial data points:

1. 10 years (12 since the original Starcarft, 10 since Starcraft: Brood War) is a long time to wait for a game
2. This game feels like Starcraft 1.5 in terms of play ... and that is not a bad thing
3. It cost 100 million to make this game
4. It will make ~ 600 million this year alone

So what do I think? Very simple - this is the best, single player solo game experience I have ever had. Period.

Yes, people will complain about lack of LAN play, spawn installs, RealID, Battle.NET 2.0 match making, and lack of chat rooms - but NONE of those effect the single player experience. The missions are engaging, fun, and so different from each other. The in-between mission stuff that let's you advance your technology, units, and explore the story and mythology are awesome. The in-game cinematics are killer, but the produced videos are second to none. I so am enjoying the advanced units, like the turrets on top of the bunkers, that I play multi-player looking for those upgrades.

If you have any desire to play an amazing, engaging, and fun story filled game, pick up Starcraft 2. You need not have played Starcraft 1 - the Installer gives you an overview of all the story elements up to the start of the game. Yes, as your hard drive gets 12 gigs of game data dropped on it, you have no care or idea because you are engaged in the story being laid out in images and words. AWESOME.

And for the record, there is no Starcraft 2 on my laptop. No Starcraft 2 play on the road, at IamLUG 2010, or any other place besides home. Otherwise I might just be playing right now ;)