Time for another review ... The Dark Knight

July 20 2008

Image:Time for another review ... The Dark Knight

I am not sure how I can put into words a review that sets myself apart from everyone else who has written reviews on the web the past week. So I wanted to cover things that I have not read elsewhere ... Yes, the movie is amazing. Yes, it broke both first day and first weekend numbers of Spiderman 3. But here is some personal thoughts:

1. This movie was a Chicago travelog. Since we did not see Arkham Asylum in the movie, there was no need to do any CGI on the cityscape. That was Chicago. But not just Christian Bale actually standing on the Sears Tower, you saw Navy Pier and the building I live in. Multiple times! How cool was that.

2. Not only was the city view Chicago, but so was the courtrooms, the locations of the press conferences, the funeral for the Commissioner, Lower Wacker drive for the underground chase scenes (and no clue how they got a semi truck down there). I saw places I walk, eat at , and just drive in almost every scene.

3. The building at the end under construction, that was Trump Tower Chicago. It just blows my mind how much Nolan filmed in Chicago. How much was done on sound stages in Hollywood?

4. Yes, Heath Ledger is amazing. But Aaron Eckhard's Harvey Dent and Two Face is for me the killer acting in this movie. OH MY GOD is this portrayal just perfect. And it might even been the best use of CGI to replace part of a real human being in any movie. Did you know that all of Two Face's burns were CGI? ALL OF THEM.

5. You must see this in IMAX. MUST MUST MUST

6. This is by far the best comic movie ever made. Better than X-Men or X-Men 2. Better than Iron Man.

7. I really hope they do a third and final movie in this trilogy. Batman does deserve to go out not as the bad guy. But who would be next? The Riddler could be done right, but can he fit this world without the Joker?

8. This is the first movie since Return of the King that I will see more than once in the theater. WOW.

What did you think? Did it live up to your expecations?