What keeps you busy John?

February 21 2005

As many people have realized, I have been way to busy the past 6 months. Last fall, it was politics and school. With the election in Nov and finishing school in Dec, neither of those can be used as excuses. In January, it was Lotusphere planning. Between a Jump Start, a Session, and planning the PSC booth, things were nuts. As Lotusphere ended, PSC had its internal training event. I have also closed 4 projects since the new year. Mix that with being sick and there goes all the free time.

Well, I need to do a full review of this, but I have been playing World of Warcraft. Its one of the multi-player on-line all the time games. A fantasy world with depth I have never seen before. So if you are playing WoW, what are your experiences?

If you are playing on the Garona server and are part of the Alliance, say hi to Starfish ... original, i know :)