Why I am in Boston for 21 days - ILDDM / Domino.Doc Redbook

March 2 2009

So those that follow me on Twitter know that I arrived in snowy Boston for an extended stay - 3 weeks to be exact. The purpose of this trip is to participate in the writing of the IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager / Domino.Doc Migration Redbook. The purpose of the redbook is to help customers decide what to do with their existing ILDDM / Domino.Doc installs and what their options are. It will also cover the migration tool that IBM will be releasing.

I have an interesting perspective on the withdrawl of ILDDM / Domino.Doc from the marketplace. I was at the first Domino.Doc Advisory Council meeting before the product even went into beta. With my focus on integration of Lotus Notes & Domino with other technologies, Domino.Doc was the perfect container. Originally released right after Notes 4 - that is before the Domino HTTP web server folks - the product did things that Notes could not. It did document locking and versioning / revisioning in a way that it worked in Notes, even in a replicated, off-line environment. As Notes matured thru each release, Domino.Doc did not. We have Lotus Quickr as one of the migration options as well as Lotus Quickr with an ECM platform like FileNet or Content Manager.

IBM has a perfect opportunity to get ILDDM / Domino.Doc customers to the Lotus Quickr platform here. I am here in Boston, giving up 3 weeks of my life, to help shape and document that vision. I will document what I can of the process on my blog, but the end result will be the redbook later this spring.

On a person note, this trip is going to be fun because I have not sight seen in the New England area before. Yes, I have been to Cambridge many times to visit Lotus over the years. Or the Copley Place area for the View conferences. Or even Westford to visit the product teams. But this trip will give me a chance to hit the tourist stuff. I also plan a day trip up to Maine, another to Plymouth Rock, and a third to Providence, Rhode Island to see the grave of Roger Williams - my direct ancestor. So the side effects of this trip are as interesting as the purpose!

If you are in the Boston area, please drop me a note. I definitely want to network and connect with the Boston community while I am here!

2 Responses to “Why I am in Boston for 21 days - ILDDM / Domino.Doc Redbook”

  1. 1) keith Brooks says:

    Congrats on doing what is a rare Redbook internship these days. I had thought about it, especially in light of our clients we are migrating off Doc but it wasn't in the cards.

    Make us all proud.

  2. 2) Peter Smith says:

    Like Keith I was tempted by the residency, but couldn't justify the time to "the man".

    I'll be interested to see what you all come up with for migrating to Quickr, particulary in migrating cabinet structures that spawned multiple data stores. IBM really need that functionality for Quickr (not manually creating rooms), if they want Domino Quickr to scale up for Dom.Doc customers.

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