WoW Hacking in Book form

September 12 2007

Curt Stone sent this to me and I thought I would share ...
Image:WoW Hacking in Book form

Cool that they are really taking the WoW mod scene seriously .. I have seen mods done in WoW that allow you to do all sorts of cool things, such as organize a raid and play chess. Very cool stuff.

Curt, hope you get back your mac :-)

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  1. 1) Curt Stone says:


    At BALD or a session, I overheard your obsession with WarCraft. My son(s)have taken over my iMac with the game. No worries, we have 3 pc's in the house at any given time. I have access to Books 24 x 7 online which are technical books. Thought you'd find this interesting. Here's the table of contents: Enjoy!

    Hacking World of Warcraft


    Part I - Simple Hacks—Addons, Macros, and More

    Chapter 1 - Introduction to WoW Modding

    Chapter 2 - Combat Addons

    Chapter 3 - Map Addons

    Chapter 4 - Miscellaneous Addons

    Chapter 5 - Loot Addons

    Chapter 6 - Chat Addons

    Chapter 7 - Raid Addons

    Chapter 8 - Class-Specific Addons

    Chapter 9 - Addon Compilations

    Part II - Advanced Hacks—Creating Your Own Addons

    Chapter 10 - Addon Anatomy

    Chapter 11 - XML, Frames, and Event Handlers

    Chapter 12 - The Lua Side

    Chapter 13 - Expanding the Whereabouts Addon

    Chapter 14 - The Whereabouts Options Panel

    Chapter 15 - Hacking an Advanced Addon

    Chapter 16 - Creating Advanced Macros


    List of Figures

    List of Tables

    List of Listings

    List of Sidebars

  2. 2) John Head says:

    And people wonder why I have been telling them for the past 18 months to learn XML ... has nothing to do with Notes 8, Expeditor, Web Services, or ODF/OOXML ... it is all about the WoW Addon development!

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