Xbox 360 Statistics from CES

January 9 2007

Today, as part of Microsoft's CES keynote, Peter Moore sent an email to members of the press in which he shared his excitement about what they have accomplished so far. The following are stats and figures provided by Mr. Moore:
  • Over 10.4 million Xbox 360 consoles sold in more than 37 countries.
  • On track for 13-15 million units shipped by the end of FY07.
  • Record-breaking attach rate of 5.3 games sold per console.
  • Gears of War sold more than 2.7 million copies after only 8 weeks on the market.
  • Xbox Live community has eclipsed 5 million members, with over half of all consoles connected.
  • Goal: 6 million Xbox Live members by June 2007.
  • The average Xbox Live Gold subscriber has more than 21 friends.
  • Every day there are 2 million messages (text/voice/picture) sent across the Xbox Live network.
  • Over 100 million pieces of standard and high definition content have been downloaded from Xbox Live Marketplace.
  • Over 70% of Xbox Live members are downloading content from Xbox Live Marketplace.
  • Xbox Live Arcade: more than 20 million games downloaded to date.

Wow. You see those Roling? Man, Sony has Microsoft's number! LOLOLOLOL

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  1. 1) Greyhawk68 says:

    Dude, that is so FUD!!!!

    No wait, those are actual statistics? :-D

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